West Midlands 2019

Cider of the Year 2019

Yew Tree Cider Challenge 2018

Medium Perry- 1st place

Dry Perry- 2nd place

Big Apple Blossomtime Trials 2017

  • Overall - 'Champion Perry' 2017. This was the 13th time since 1996 (21 years) that we have won the overall 'Champion Perry’ award at the Big Apple Blossomtime trials

  • Draught dry perry - first prize

  • Draught sweet perry - first prize

  • Bottle conditioned/in-bottle fermented cider - 2nd prize

CAMRA Stockport 2016

Rhys Jones Perry of the Festival

Hope Ciderfest 2015

Blakeney, Butt & Oldfield 2014 draught perry- Perry of The Festival, 1st prize

CAMRA West Midlands 2010

Gold Champion Perry: for Thorn 2009 Draught Perry


Bronze Award for Flakey Bark 2009 Draught Perry

CAMRA National Champion Cider & Perry Competition 2008

Gold Award for Perry. 

'A balance of citrus aroma with a winey aftertaste. Fabulous.' - Judges comments

CAMRA Stockport Beer, Cider & Perry Festival 2019

Perry of the Festival


West Midlands Perry Competition 2017

Third Place- Aylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg’s Pit Perry

CAMRA West Midlands Perry Competition 2015, Beer on the Wye, Hereford

Blakeney, Butt & Oldfield 2014 draught perry- 2nd place (Silver)

CAMRA West Midlands 2016

Regional Perry of the Year- Bronze Award

Big Apple Blossomtime Trials 2014

Draught Perry Medium/Sweet-1st prize

Big Apple Cider & Perry Trials

Champion Perry- 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010


Champion Cider- 2010

Flavours of Herefordshire 2008- Small Drink Producer


Big Apple Blossomtime Trials 2018

Draught sweet perry - first prize

Draught dry perry - third prize

Best product in show- Draught Sweet Perry

CAMRA Manchester 2016

XS Perry of the Festival

Big Apple Blossomtime Trials 2016

Third Prize- Draught Sweet Perry

Third Prize- Draught Medium Perry

CAMRA Sussex Beer & Cider Festival 2015

Blakeney, Butt & Oldfield 2014 draught perry- Perry of The Festival

Hope Ciderfest 2013

Blakeney Red- Perry of The Festival, 1st prize

CAMRA Stockport 2011

Brown's Apple, Kingston Black and Sweet Coppin Cider- Cider of The Festival

Press Coverage

Hereford Times Coverage, October 2017.

Worcester Evening News, 2017

Give Perry a chance- The Guardian, 2012

'It's all gone pear shaped' - Time Magazine, 2010

Gregg's Pit has it's own chapter in James Crowden's award-winning book 'Ciderland' (Birlinn, 2008)

Gregg's Pit features throughout James Russell's 'The Naked Guide to Cider' (Tangent Books, 2010).

Included in Rick Stein's 'Guide to the food heroes of Britain' - BBC Books, 2005

Feature in RHS The Garden Magazine, 'Perry: A Taste Reborn'. September 2009

Featured on 'The Hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain'- BBC Two, September 2009