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Gregg's Pit, Much Marcle, Herefordshire, HR8 2NL 

Telephone: 01531 660687 or 07473 900840

    Big Apple Blossomtime Trials 2018


  • Draught sweet perry - first prize

  • Draught dry perry - third prize

  • Best product in show- Draught Sweet Perry


Yew Tree Cider Challenge 2018

Medium Perry- 1st place

Dry Perry- 2nd place

CAMRA Manchester


XS Perry of The Festival - 2016


CAMRA Stockport


Rhys Jones Perry of The Festival - 2016


CAMRA West Midlands


Perry Competition 2017

Third Place- Aylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg’s Pit Perry

CAMRA West Midlands 


Regional Perry of

The Year 2016

Bronze Award

Big Apple Blossomtime Trials 2017


  • Overall - 'Champion Perry' 2017. This was the 13th time since 1996 (21 years) that we have won the overall 'Champion Perry’ award at the Big Apple Blossomtime trials

  • Draught dry perry - first prize

  • Draught sweet perry - first prize

  • Bottle conditioned/in-bottle fermented cider - 2nd prize


CAMRA Sussex Beer & Cider Festival 2015


Blakeney, Butt & Oldfield 2014 draught perry- Perry of The Festival

Big Apple


Trials 2016


Third Prize-

Draught Sweet Perry

Third Prize-

Draught Medium Perry

Gregg's Pit has it's own chapter in James Crowden's award-winning book 'Ciderland' 

(Birlinn, 2008)

Hope Ciderfest 2013

Perry of The Festival-

Blakeney Red 1st prize


Feature in RHS The Garden Magazine, 'Perry: A Taste Reborn'. September 2009.

CAMRA West Midlands Beer & Cider Awards 2010 


Gold Champion Perry: for Thorn 2009 Draught Perry

Bronze Award for Flakey Bark 2009 Draught Perry

John Lewis presents James with CAMRA's Gold Award for Perry in the 2008 National Champion Cider & Perry Competition.

Hope Ciderfest 2015

Perry of The Festival-

Blakeney, Butt

& Oldfield 2014

Draught Perry-  1st prize


Gregg's Pit features throughout James Russell's 'The Naked Guide to Cider' (Tangent Books, 2010).

Stockport Beer & Cider Festival 2011


Brown's Apple, Kingston Black and Sweet Coppin Cider- Cider of The Festival


'The skill, according to James Marsden of Gregg's Pit Cider & Perry, is judging and balancing ripeness, maceration, pressing, sugar levels and the time that perry is left to ferment in the barrels'

As in Simon Horford's 'It's All Gone Pear Shaped', Time Magazine. July 2010.

"A balance of citrus aroma with a winey aftertaste. Fabulous."


- Judges comments at 2008 CAMRA Beer & Cider Championships 

Included in Rick Stein's 'Guide to the food heroes of Britain'

- BBC Books, 2005

CAMRA West Midlands Perry Competition 2015, Beer on the Wye Festival, Hereford.


Blakeney, Butt & Oldfield 2014 draught perry- 2nd place (Silver)


Big Apple Cider

& Perry Trials 2014

Draught Perry- Medium/Sweet 

1st prize


'To everyone working at Gregg's Pit. 

My name is Ewan Tolladay. I'm the cellar manager at the Reading Beer & Cider Festival. It is my part of my job to taste test and grade every cider and perry here with the help of the rest of the core staff. 

Year on year you guys have out done yourselves for taste and consistency in both your perries and your ciders. I have to say I still have several take outs of yours in the fridge and I have loved every pint of your Thorn and Blakeney Red SV this year and the previous few. It by FAR has the best taste and depth in my opinion of any and all of the other 150+ I have tasted and I'm still enjoying it the most, I don't care WHAT the competition says. Year on year you guys have done the best perry (and often the best cider) I have had and I always look forward to your latest work. Despite bad crops, low sugar levels etc you out do yourselves and we love you for it. My only complaint is I can't order bag in box direct for delivery! Please keep it up. I think the tasting sessions and after party would be lost without you. 

Ewan (and many grateful stewards of the Reading Beer and Cider festival). All the best and keep it up!'

Big Apple Cider & Perry Trials


Champion Perry- 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

Champion Cider- 2010


Featured on 'The Hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain'- BBC Two, September 2009

Gregg's Pit received a 'Commended' award in the Small Drink Producer of the Year category at 'The Flavours of Herefordshire Awards' ceremony held on Friday 24th October 2008.

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