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Gregg's Pit, Much Marcle, Herefordshire, HR8 2NL 

Telephone: 01531 660687 or 07473 900840



Held at Putley Village Hall, the Big Apple is a special opportunity to enjoy the countryside in the Herefordshire parishes on the Marcle Ridge.  The local orchards are famous for their cider fruit and excellent eating apples.  This is the 28th anniversary of the occasion, when our award winning communities first put together a collection of small rural events to enable you to share the tradition of apple growing and cider making.

  • Sunday 5 May - cider/perry tasting and sales 14.00-18.00

  • Monday 6 May - cider/perry tasting and sales 12.00-17.00

Held at Gregg's Pit and other venues around the village of Much Marcle, join us in celebrating English apples and cider on the 28th anniversary of the Big Apple – a real opportunity to enjoy the autumn countryside in this corner of Herefordshire. Expect cider and perry making, product tasting and sales, orchard walks and talks. 

  • Saturday 13 October - cider/perry making, tasting and sales, orchard walks and talks 10.30-18.00

  • Sunday 14 October - cider/perry making, tasting and sales, orchard walks and talks 10.30-18.00


The Village Hall in Kempley, Gloucestershire plays host to this great produce market, which focusses on 'the food less travelled'. Visiting the market is everything that supermarket shopping is not- it’s a joy! You can be confident of the ‘where and how’ the food has been produced, meet the makers and a terrific bunch of enthusiastic locals who are passionate about provenance. 

  • Saturday 9 June 09.30-11.30

  • Saturday 8 September 9.30-11.30

  • Saturday 8 December 09.30-11.30

This festival is a great opportunity to meet the most enthusiastic cider and perry appreciaters in Herefordshire and beyond. Held at Broome Farm, Peterstow, visitors can look forward to meeting the makers, live music and mayhem. 

  • Saturday 1 September  12.00-23.30

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